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House Framing Expert: Building a Solid Foundation

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Building a house is like creating a masterpiece. But before the paint and decorations, there’s an essential structure that lays the foundation for a sturdy home — house framing Lg Construction is expert for all type of framing works in calgary.

What is House Framing?

House framing is the skeleton of a house. Just like our bones provide structure and support for our bodies, framing provides the structure and support for a house.

Types of House Framing

Platform Framing

Platform framing is the most common type of house framing. It involves building each floor separately and stacking them on top of each other.

Balloon Framing

Balloon framing was used in older homes and involves vertical studs that run from the bottom to the top of the house without any breaks.

The Importance of House Framing

Structural Support

House framing supports the weight of the entire house. It ensures that the weight is distributed evenly to the foundation.

Space Division

Framing helps create rooms and spaces within a house. It’s like creating separate areas for different activities—a living room for relaxing, a bedroom for sleeping, and a kitchen for cooking.

How House Framing Works

Steps in House Framing

  1. Foundation: The first step is creating a strong foundation that will support the entire structure.
  2. Floor Framing: This involves creating the base for each level of the house.
  3. Wall Framing: Walls are built using studs and headers to define rooms and support the roof.
  4. Roof Framing: This step involves constructing the roof structure, ensuring it’s strong enough to withstand weather elements.

Making House Framing Simple

Explaining to a Primary School Student

Imagine building a big Lego house. First, you create the base, then you add walls and finally, the roof. House framing is similar; it’s like building a strong base for the Lego house to make sure it doesn’t fall apart.


House framing is the backbone of any home. It provides support, structure, and creates the spaces we live in. Understanding the basics of house framing helps us appreciate the craftsmanship behind every house we see. Who is expert for house framing is none other then Lg Construction..


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